Our Promise To You:
We are committed to maintaining the privacy of the information we collect about our customers, former customers and potential customers. We understand that confidentiality is important to our customers, and we will continue to make our responsibility of protecting the information you have entrusted to us a top priority.

This privacy policy will explain how we collect information about you as a customer or former customer, what we do with that information, and how we will protect it.

Why We Collect Information About You:
In the course of business, we collect and use various types of information about you. We use this information for various reasons such as opening and administering your accounts, for verification purposes when you call us to make web page changes, domain name updates or email changes, and to help protect you and the webmaster from losses.
We may also use the information we have gathered to determine if there are other products or services that we offer which could benefit you, or to determine if it would be beneficial to implement new products and services.

Where We Get Our Information- What Information We Collect:
In most cases, the information we have about you comes from you. We do not collect personal information from our Web Site, nor does our site require that you disclose any personal information. If you choose to contact us by e-mail please keep in mind that you should not disclose any personal information or account information.

What You Can Do About Incorrect Information:
It is in your best interest, as well as ours, to be sure that the information we have about you is accurate and up to date. If you wish to update your records, or if you have discovered an error in the information we have, please contact us right away by E-MAIL.

How We Protect The Privacy Of Your Personal Information: We are committed to ensuring that the information we have about you is not only accurate, but that it is protected. We protect the information we have collected about you making it accessible only to those employees who are dealing with you or your accounts for billing, page design or domain name payment. We educate our employees on their responsibility to protect your privacy. We maintain physical, electronic, and procedural safeguards that comply with federal regulations to guard your privacy We utilized established security standards and procedures to keep your information safe from intrusion, and we continually assess new technology to ensure that we can continue to provide our standard of security as we develop and offer new product and services.

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